Dancers who are planning on attending Term 4 & participating in the year end recital May 20, 2022 should dress in traditional dance wear for classes.  If you are joining us for terms 1-2 or 3 then please feel free to attend class in yoga wear or shorts and a t shirt.  Your footwear can be clean indoor running shoes or bare feet.

Masks are to be worn in all classes, regardless of age.  This requirement will be in place until the health unit no longer requires it.

Hip Hop:  Hip Hop classes focus around freestyle movements to today’s pop and hip hop music.  These classes offer a great work out for your mind and body while improving your rhythm and style.  Dancers wear yoga clothing or shorts and t shirts.  Clean in door running shoes or hip hop shoes.

Jazz:  Jazz dance students work on skills such as leaps, turns, kicks and jumps.  It is a fun, upbeat class combining technical elements and creativity, all the while increasing flexibility, strength and musicality.  Dancers will build their cardio levels and see an increase in co-ordination.  Dancers  wear black Jazz shoes, tights and a bodysuit to class.  Boys may wear shorts and t shirts.

Acrobatics:  Acrobatic dancers at ASD follow the syllabus of Acrobatic Arts.  This unique system allows each student to work at their own pace.  Skills are broken up into 5 elements; flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling.  This system allows every child to develop a strong and balanced acro technique.  ASD utilizes the air trampoline and foam pit to assist the dancers with their skill learning.  If you are a fan of Cirque du Soleil then acro is where you should be.  The skills are similar to floor gymnastics, however we teach the intro and exit of the skill differently to accommodate for the dance flooring.  Dancers wear bodysuits, unitards or yoga wear.

Tap:  Tap dance students learn how to use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and the use of shading for sound quality.  The tap dance program increases their awareness of rhythm and syncopation, while helping the student to combine musicality with performance quality.  Dancers wear black tap shoes and bodysuits.

Ballet:  Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and is carried over to all other dance styles.  Ballet improves strength, agility, flexibility  and balance all the while increasing the students focus and body awareness.  Students are taught to use proper posture and poise, and to present themselves in a graceful manner.  Dancers wear pink full sold Ballet slippers and bodysuits.

Lyrical:  Lyrical is a dance from that had its beginnings in Ballet.  The dancer will perform an emotional inspired piece based on the lyrics of the song.  The best way to describe it is if you were to turn off the music and have the dancer keep moving, you should be able to determine from watching the movement and emotion of the dancer what feeling is being conveyed in that piece.  Dancers will perform in bare feet and a bodysuit.

Musical Theatre:  If you love Broadway you will fit right in with this program.  Dancers will sing, dance and act to popular Broadway tunes.  Dancers wear yoga wear and clean in door running shoes.  A clear mask or face shield is required for MT class so we can see the emotion of the face and the lip sync motions)

Creative Dance:  This is our beginner Ballet program and an excellent place to start your dancing experience.  Dancers are taught movement & mime work all geared to their age level.  This half hour program keeps your little one moving with fun activities that tap into their creativity.

Gymnastics:  This is a 7 week, non-recital program.  Participants will learn the foundation elements on floor, vault, bars and beam.  We have a 2 sets of bars & single rail, 4 beams, trapezoid vault, floor mats, foam pit and multiple air trampolines to aid in the skill development.