What is Acrobatics?  It combines dance and acrobatic elements such as balancing, limbering & tumbling.  Cirque du Soleil is an example of acrobatics.  ASD is a certified studio that uses the Acrobatics Arts syllabus in all their classes.  Gymnastics skills and Acrobatic skills are the same, except in Acro students are taught to land these skills so they can be safely performed on dance floors.

Why is it important to dance on sprung floors only? Only a custom built floor like our O’Mara Sprung dance floors have the closed cell foam support underneath to absorb the impact from the dancers and elevate the stress on their joints.

What forms of payment do you accept?
ASD accepts many forms of payment for your convenience. E transfers, Cash, Amex, Visa & MasterCard.

Where are you located?
394 Russett Drive, Arnprior.

My child doesn’t turn 3 until December?
Your child must be 3 by the end of December.
Therefore they may start classes when they are 2.

How does my child join your competitive program?
Dancers are invited to attend the yearly auditions for the upcoming competitive season.

My child wants to become a dance teacher?
We offer the chance for interested mature dancers to assistant the dance teacher in a variety of classes. Once they are 18 years of age, these dancers may take their teaching exams with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association.  Dancers can participate in the weekly CDTA syllabus classes to further their technical dance training & assist in their teacher training.

Dress Code:

All dance classes except hip hop & Musical Theatre require a bodysuit (any colour or style), tights or close fitting yoga wear.  Hip Hop & Musical Theatre dancers may wear t-shirts, shorts, track pants or leggings.  All dancers are to wear their hair up and off the face.  Warm up dance wear may be worn but must be removed once warm up is complete.  Gymnastics & Acrobatic  participants may wear a bodysuit or close fitting yoga wear.  Please ensure that the top remains in place since we are upside down quite a bit.  **During Terms1, 2 & 3 yoga wear may be worn instead of bodysuits**


Creative Dance/Ballet –Pink SoDanca full sole ballet slippers for girls, black for boys.

Jazz –Black slip on Jazz boots (canvas or leather), no lace up jazz shoes

Tap – Black tap shoes (no staccato taps)

Lyrical– bare feet

Acrobatics & Gymnastics – bare feet

Hip Hop – Black hip hop shoes or dark coloured, clean, indoor running shoes